We developed our leashes with input from lure coursing, obedience & agility enthusiasts.  All were very specific about what they wanted – strong, functional leather leashes that met the strict criteria set by competition sanctioning organizations. That includes AKC, UKC, ASFA, NADAC & 4H to name a few. Established in 1995, we proudly hand craft our leashes using All-American Latigo Leather. And we only use heavy duty equine grade hardware – that’s what we’ve stingently tested & know works best. Not into competition?  We think we make leashes any dog owner will be happy to use. 


Tigger is responsible for our lure coursing collar making. Because of him, we learned how strong &  sturdy a lure slip needs to be to hold a strong, enthusiastic hound. Athletic & keen, this magnificant borzoi was like trying to hold on to a train at lure trials! Tigger's neck coat was never ruffled nor did he suffer rub marks with the leather collars. Our collar just fell away and he was off & running!

Owners KC & Steve Artlery
Handler / Carmella Troisi-Hoerr
Breeder / Photo by Lorrie Scott


Here's wonderful photos of Andrei coursing and straight-line racing. In the coursing ones he has a blanket on (naturally), the straight line ones are from a practice session. I use the slip-lead in both! I would also say about the slip lead . . . having the breed and my name embossed on the leather ensures that the lead comes back to me if it gets misplaced at an event. The large rings on this lead make it very easy to use. The size of the lead make it easy to put it either in my back pocket or drape around my neck and shoulders, and being able to move quickly like that can sometimes be so helpful at an event.

Owner Michael McLain, CA
Photos by Tom Kasowski



Photographer Dan Gauss caught us at precisely the moment when the slip flew off of Callie's neck and off she went. You can very clearly SEE how the slip falls in the photo - down and away from the dog. Dan snapped this just seconds after the Tally Ho. Callie is all pulled up in front but hasn't pushed off at all with her rear yet - so that slip JUST left her neck split seconds before. Look at where it is! Pretty impressive!

Owner/handler Karla Schreiber
Photo by Dan Gauss - Shot On Site Photography

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